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"parent dir" item at the dashboard

Hi! I think that it would be nice to have ability (at the dashboard) to select few connection with a shift, or ctrl keys so i can right click and connect to them all. But this is impossible without "parent dir" item at the dashboard. I want to ask you implement this item. Thanks.

More discussion about it was at

Hi and thanks for the feedback. Not sure if we can get this into the first V6 release but we will investigate.


One thing I just realized: if you hit the DEL key in the folder dashboard, you will navigate one level up. I hope this helps in the meantime.


First of all it's not del, it's a backspace.

But this is not what i can use, because after i hit backspace focus goes to nowhere. I need to click mouse, thats not the way i suppose to use both hands on the keyboard.

After focus goes to nowhere i ssuppose to typr first letters of folder. But here goes some kind of mess - needed object is highlighted (not every time) but hiting enter moves focus to the dashbord. But even this does not mean you can now press first letters of neede folder.. that the moment i give up...

And btw how to move from the tree to dashboard? Tab selecting next item at the tree..

Yes, you are right, I meant the backspace key, of course. Sorry for the confusion.

I did some testing and I can navigate purely using keyboard in the dashboard. I can see that the first item doesn't appear to be the selected item but I still have keyboard focus and as soon as I hit the cursor down key, the second item is selected.

I will see if I can make sure that the first item is displayed as selected.

Even after i press down, and i see second item is selected, i still can't navigate using the letters. As i like to do - pressing first letters of the folder name. Royal TS is simple ignoring me.

Ok, that's a different issue and I'm afraid that's by design. The grid we are using behaves differently in this case. The grid supports a functionality called "Incremental Search". The grid will highlight a cell value starts with your typed text. However, if you focus your searched row and type the same text again (which comes after that row), it won't jump to the next row. The Incremental Search functionality looks for the first matching text. You can press the Down Arrow and type the text again to move to the next row with this text.

grid doesn't highlight anything at all. It did but sudenly it stops. 

Somehow it start working again, and yes - it's highlight the needed object, then i press enter assuming i'm going inside thias folder, but enter only show the cursor which is select the first item at the dashboard.

I need to press down and up after i use incrementla search, is it by design ?

Do you have the different behaviour? Did you testyed it by yourself? Only i have such problem ?

This is by design. The incremental search will show the first match. To use the keyboard only, you need to hit the cursor keys to move the selection. We're using a 3rd party grid control which is part of the UI framework we are using and after some research I found that this behavior cannot be changed. I could disable incremental search completely but then there's no way to navigate using keyboard typing at all.

incremental search is not moving cursor on found item ?

No, it just highlights the first match and you need to use the cursor keys to change the selection. As I mentioned before, that's the behavior of the grid:

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