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Possibility to enter reason for connection

We use RoyalTS as a way to manage how all employees access customers systems through rdp or url.

Through RoyalTS we log it in windows event viewer and send it to centralized log server.

now our problem is to match the event log of a connection to a support ticket (we currently use Jira Cloud)

If we can require the user to type in reason why they want to connect to something in royalts it would help us alot.

Hi Mads,

just to be clear, you're looking for a prompt (message/reason) when a connection is established which is then logged in the Royal TS log (which can be configured to log into the event log). Is this correct?



Hi Stefan, yes thats what i want (maybe before the actually connection has established, but when you press connect)

or if you have some other smart way of binding a royalTS connection to a jira cloud help desk ticket i take that solution aswell :)

What you could do right now is to utilize connect tasks for prompting a description. You could write a script which will be executed before the connection is established, prompt for the reason, even redirect to the ticket URL and then - through the return code, control whether or not to establish the connection. We wrote a blog post a couple of years ago on how to set something like that up:

Would that help in your situation?


It looks like something we could use, i will take a look at the possibilities with scripting.

Thank you.

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