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Create "Reset Session" folder right-click option

When updating groups of computers, it would be very nice to log out (Reset-Session)of them all at once, like I used to with Microsoft RDP Manager.   I understand the danger of losing unsaved work, but we are careful enough for that to not happen.   I'm not asking for it to be enabled by default, but it would really help if it was available as an option.

You have a great product, and I really appreciate the work you put into it.

Thank you,


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Hi Rick,

I know that MS’ RDCM offered that “hack” but in our case, it’s not that easy to implement. In MS’ RDCM there are only RDP connections in a group, so it’s quite easy to implement such a menu item. In Royal TS a folder can contain different connection types. In addition, when you right-click on the folder, you actually don’t know upfront which user(s) to reset (log off). Each RDP connection can potentially have multiple users (even with the same username - depending on the configuration). Lastly, a couple of network and windows security layer requirements are needed in order to make this work. In the dashboard, it’s much easier as you have the context and proper error handling (logging, message boxes, etc.). When executed against a folder, if the call fails for any reason (firewall blocking RPC calls, not having the user right, etc.) for one or more RDP connections, it’s hard to properly report back what’s going on and determine what failed and why. 

If we were to offer this feature in a folder context menu, the number of things that could go wrong is just too high. Not only that but we would probably also get swamped with support requests which would be very hard for us to troubleshoot. For Microsoft, it’s probably not a big deal to offer something like that in a free (hobby) tool of an MS employee and if you have an issue with the tool or that particular feature, MS doesn’t really need to respond or support the product/feature. For us, it’s a different story altogether. Once we bake this into the product we need to be prepared to get support calls regarding the feature, and right now that is not really something we can do. I hope you understand and I’m really sorry that you’re missing this feature in our product but it’s just not feasible for us.

You could, however, try doing the following. You can start an arbitrary command in Royal TS for one or more connections using the folder dashboard and command tasks. So you could write a script that invokes the reset session API for a particular machine and for a particular user and pass it on to the command task script. Once you have done that, you could select the folder in the navigation panel, select one or more (or all) RDP connections in the dashboard tab, right-click the selection and execute the script using the command task.

If you google for "powershell log off rdp session" you will find some sample scripts and resources which should help you build this script.


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