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CyberArk PAM login


 we use PAM from CyberArkand they provide capability connect via putty with this string: vaultuser@targetuser#domainaddress@targetmachine#targetport@targetpassword@proxyaddress


it is working for putt plugin but not for rebex plugin.

Please allow it for rebex plugin as well.

Thank you

hi Andrew, I found this but it is not working in my environment

is it working for you? Thanks, Filip 

Hi Andrew,

the best way to integrate CyberArk with Royal TS is via the Dynamic Folder feature. You can find a step-by-step guide on how to do this here:

Please let me know if you need further assistance by either replying to this thread or creating a new support ticket here:

best regards,


Got here because a huge RoyalTS fan and user and we are getting CyberArk....

i am receiving this issue:


it is limitation which is not need it,

Thank you

hello, please enable for new V6.  thank you

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