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keepassxc integration for credentials

KeepassXC can act as KeeShare or comes with serveral browser integrations.
It is a community driven multi plattform solution with active development.

A Plugin to integrate with RoyalTS and RoyalTS X would be nice.

For example for an integration in the Promt for Password functionality or direct integration to be defined as source for credentials for a specific object.

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Hi Dominik,

you can already open KeePass files and use those credentials directly or using the prompt for credential dialog (once open). I'm not sure what benefit KeepassXC integration would offer in addition to what we already have. Can you elaborate?


If the plugin communication way would be used, there can be controlled what part or items the application can access. The access needs to be granted on item level within keepassxc.

The way to open the database is nice, but the database is mostly allready opened by keepassxc as it used as central credential store for each of our users.

Keepassxc in our case allready adds and removes the ssh keys to pgagent when the database is unlocked. All the locking and unlocking needs only to be done once if you lock the pc or unlock your pc. After the database is unlocked within keepassxc the browser and RoyalTS could access the credentials if the database is locked no further steps need to be done.

Our usecase is to have all connection information stored in RoyalTS Server and all personal credentials and SSH Keys stored in encrypted KeepassXC databases per User.

To have KeepassXC and RoyalTS integrated like an additional Browser it would make a perfekt fit in our workflow. Maybe others could use it the same way.

Hi Dominik,

thanks for the explanation. It would be interesting how many users would actually look for this kind of integration. From our side we have to put quite some effort in it to make this work. So let's keep this idea open for discussion. If enough interest / demand is there, we will investigate how we can implement it.


We are using KeepassXC and not Keepass because of the integration and security. We would like to have the plugin of keepassXC and not Keepass to use

I'm afraid that we technically can't really provide a similar experience with keepassXC like we have now with KeePass. KeePass is a .NET application and Royal TS is also .NET. So with keepass we can dynamically load the assembly into the Royal TS process and use it like a .DLL to consume their APIs using reflection. keepassXC is C++ and does not let us do the same. Providing access to a keepassXC file would be a much greater effort.

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