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mosh client plugin

mosh is a UDP based method to connect like ssh on a server. This helps with mobile connection to reconnect to the same connection when on road or in train and you loose the connection.

It is configured server side and integrated with SSH.

On Windows there is a Chrome plugin or Cygwin client to use it. For UNIX like systems there is a nativ mosh client.

Would be nice to have such a plugin integrated with RoyalTS

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Hi Dominik!

Our terminal based connections are using 3rd party components (rebex or putty). In case there's a PuTTY fork which supports mosh, you can try this approach to integrate it:

Alternatively you could try to integrate Cygwin using the external application connection:

If rebex implements support for mosh, we will, of course, light it up in Royal TS as well.


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