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Prompt for credentials on vmware object


If no credentials are defined in VMware object, it seems to send a empty string.

There should be an option to let the object prompt for credentials so the user of a shared object on a server document can login using their personal credentials.

I can't think about a szenario where a empty string is usefull for authentication against a VMware Vcenter.

Maybe add the prompt for credentials to the options dropdown so all users using the element have to provide their credentials manually or using the defined objects.

The prompt for credentials should be an option that allows to click on the connecton and it prompts for credentials. If no credentials are defined on VMware object it should prompt for credentials per default.
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Hi Dominik,

there's a trick to let Royal TS prompt for a credential. Select the option "Specify credential name" and put a ? character only in the name.

Btw, even with shared docs, you can configure Royal TS to pick up personal credentials, see:

Let me know if this helps.


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