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import from mobaxterm .mxtsession


Can we please have a feature to import sessions from Mobaxterm? I have been using Mobaxterm for years. I have close to 100+ sessions. I just bought RoyalTS and I realized I need to create all connections from scratch. 

When we export out, the file extension is *.mxtsessions. Atleast if we can scrub the data and convert that file to a CSV file. It would be helpful. 

Attached is a sample file from Mobaxterm backup. Appreciate if we can get this feature sooner. 

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I've done some research and couldn't find good documentation of the file format. It's quite cumbersome to "reverse engineer" the data from the file and would take a huge amount of time and effort to make a full fledged importer. If you can scrub the data you need from that file you could write a simple powershell script which creates a Royal TS document for yourself. 

Here's our PowerShell docs and some sample scripts:


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