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FreeRDP Plugin for Windows RoyalTS

I wonder if we might be able to get an alternative RDP plugin for Royal TS on Windows vs. the one based on native Windows RDP? Maybe something based on FreeRDP like in Royal TSX?

Why? A few reasons. One, the native Windows plugin doesn't support folder redirection...only full drive redirection. I'd rather just share my downloads folder with the shared terminal server, and not my whole C drive, thanks! Also, while this may be more of a bug that I consider a feature, FreeRDP ignores the server side setting requiring people to manually type a password. It's super annoying on my Windows machine to have to log in again manually every time I resize the window or change monitors, while on my Mac I can just do that without thinking because the app will automatically log in for me with a saved password.

Also, it might just be me, but FreeRDP seems quite a bit faster than the native Windows RDP plugin. That might be apples to oranges and my Mac is just faster, but it's good to have choice I think.

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Hi Tim,

thanks for the feedback. Integrating FreeRDP in Royal TS for Windows is not as easy as it sounds. Right now we don't have the resources to work on something like that, especially when the Microsoft RDP ActiveX still works great. I suggest we let this thread open and see how much interest others have in FreeRDP for Windows.


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