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Easy-To-Use VPN Integration

It would be really great if something like some small "OpenVPN" or generally SSL-VPN-Client could be integrated within royal ts

I really like for example how Devolutions integrated this into their Remote Desktop Manager Software.

I know it is possible to make a VPN Connection via Scripting, but we are a big MSP with hundreds of customers and so nobody can hold like 100 VPN Configurations on their local machines... By now i will have to find a way to import VPN-Configurations into a VPN-Client and then connect via Command Line. Then everybody here has to use this specific VPN-Client. This is not the best way in my opinion. If it would be integrated we can roll this out much more easily

Greetings, Marco

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Hi Marco,

we currently have no short- or mid-term plans to do tighter VPN integration. With the command tasks, it's usually quite easy to integrate any VPN client with command line support. I will keep an eye on this thread and if more users ask for something like this and have some ideas how to implement it while keep it flexible, we're happy to look into it.


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+1 for sure


Would be fabulous to have OpenVPN and other VPN options as connections in each client's folder structure, so when you work on anything, you can simply double click to connect to their VPN first.

Secondly, even more awesome: Set a VPN connection as a prerequisite for certain connections, e.g. RDP.

This should include options to:
- Automatically connect via VPN before connecting via RDP if not in the same subnet as the RDP connection
- Automatically connect via VPN before connecting via RDP if client is not in a specified subnet (important for VLANs / management subnets)
- Check if VPN connections already exist and offer to disconnect / replace them before connecting to RDP

Of course, this should work similarly for other connection types like SSH, Web Page etc.

"VPN" should then also be its own connection type so you can use RoyalTS credentials for them as well and put them in folders to double-click to connect, as I said earlier.

I have taken the liberty to do a mockup as to how those VPN options might look like for an RDP connection:


Would be great if this could be implemented!


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+1 for the Feature Request of Johnnie W

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Hey, is there any Status Update on this?

This would make Royal TS, as it already is a pretty great, even better!

Hi Marco,

from our experience with VPN related support tickets using command tasks, it's very hard to make a generic approach which would work with many different VPN technologies. We still think that CLI/script based command tasks are the best and most flexible option. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.


+1 here too

I use Viscosity for multiple simultaneous VPN connections to different companies.

Would be very great if integrated with TSX.

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