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Merging remote files to local files

Can you introduce the possibility to merge a remote file with a file on local filesystem?

We have the following problem:

We have users who have their own copy on the local disk which they copy from a network share. The file on the network share is regularly updated and the users want to merge their local file with the one on the network location, without overwriting their local settings for example: additional VNC connections to some destinations. The shared file should not be changed by the users.

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Hi Michael,

merging files is a complex task. I guess you are looking for something like an "offline" mode where a shared document can be used in a disconnected scenario. We do have something like that on our todo list but I'm not sure we can implement this in the next major version. Merging contents of a remote file to a local file while keeping other local changes is currently not possible to implement due to constraints of our current data structure.

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