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Smart Reconnect Resizing without the Reconnect



I just bought a license for Royal TS (5.2.60420) after using the Shareware version for a while. 

- Really like the product overall!


However, there is one feature I would like to see changed:


When moving a Royal TS RDC window from a large screen to a small screen (or in the opposite direction) with the same resolution but different scaling percentages, I would like Royal TS to adapt to the new size of text, apps and other items without the need to reconnect.


- The Win10 Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection tool does this quickly without reconnecting.


- Smart Sizing does not appear to be the answer for my situation since it scales down:

o Starting from large screen-window and moving to a smaller screen makes fonts too small

o Starting from the small screen-window and moving to the larger screen creates a black border and the window does not fill up the larger window.


- Smart Reconnect does do what I need scaling-wise, but the reconnect delay is unreasonably too long.  


Here is a link to a demo video on one screen to show what I mean. 

- It was done from a Win10 Pro Laptop connected via a VPN to a Windows 2016 Standard server.

- Both RDC sessions were connected to the same server.

- 3 min Demo Video


Hope this helps. Thanks.




Hi Ben,

thanks for the video. Unfortunately there are a couple of limitations we cannot really circumvent right now. Royal TS is a .net WinForms app which is currently not "multi monitor dpi aware". Since we are hosting the RDP ActiveX in a WinForms app we have to live with that limitation for now.

What you can try is to enable Fast Reconnect in the plugin settings:

Depending on the OS/RDP version you are connecting to, this might speed up the reconnect when changing the desktop size.

Let me know if this helps.



Thanks for the quick response, Stefan;

The Fast Smart Reconnect setting you show above does help the speed a bit, but it's still not smooth.

I get the below dialog box and a 5-10 sec pause while it reconnects.

I can live with Smart Sizing for now.

But could there be an option to just call the MS RDC app, do auto login and Royal TS just forget about managing it in tabs, etc.?  

I like having Royal TS as my starting Dashboard.

Please advise.  Thank you.


I think the main issue is the auto login with mstsc.exe. As far as I know, there's no way to provide credentials for that.

Got it.  Thanks for considering it. 

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