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Active Directory Authentication

Hey Royal TS Community,

i would love to have a feature for shared documents that i can encrypt it with Active-Directory-Access and not only with a password. So Royal TS will connect with the Active Directory and checks for example if a user is in a certain security group to access the document. If not, then he is not allowed to log in to it.

Well i can do this with file security, but what happens if some user copies this to his local drive and for example "steals" this data on a thumb drive.

Maybe you have some other suggestions for me here, but i want to secure the access to royal TS a little bit more with such a feature....

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Hi Marco,

for this specific scenario we have a "lockdown" mode (see

in addition to the lockdown mode, you can also serve documents with lockdown through Royal Server and prevent users from saving the actual file to disk. So, without server access (which can be configured using AD group membership), there's no access to the connections.

Let me know if this helps.


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