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Feature Request: Password History

It would be nice to have a password history feature for credentials in case newly generated passwords don't apply correctly, but the entry has already been updated in the credential setting.  This will also allow for a chance to roll back to a previous password in case it was changed by mistake.  

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We've migrated a lot of our passwords to Royal TX from 1password and would love to see this feature too!


I'm not very familiar with 1password. How exactly does that work? Would you want Royal TS to remember the last X passwords whenever it has been changed through the UI? How would you like Royal TS to provide access to the previous passwords?



Hi Stefan,

In 1password, there is a section on each entity that lists previously used passwords, along with their date. It's usually folded/hidden away behind a dropdown until you need it. When the password is changed, the old one is added to this list.

Here's how it's currently displayed:



Hi Ryan, if you will dont mind you can combine RTS with Keepass. You will have both: history in keepass and connection in RTS ;o) it is working like charm in my case. have a nice day Filip

For Auditing, this is a must have feature!


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