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Option to pin Favorites to the top of the Navigation Panel.

We make use of favorites, and they are very helpful, but I find myself toggling favorites on and off all day to switch between those and searching for non favorites (we use a dynamic document to pull in a few thousand connections from a database). It would be awesome if you could show favorites AND search results for non favorites at the same time. Either a split navigation view, or pin the Favorites at the top somehow.


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Hi Patrick,

I'm not sure I completely understand your feature request. Can you provide more details how this should behave exactly and maybe provide some mockups?


Hi Stefan,

I'm looking for a way to display favorites and search results side by side, without needed to toggle favorite filter to go back and forth. I was thinking it would look something like this.


Thank you,


Thank you for the details. To be honest, it's not that easy to implement with our framework as it is right now. It would take an enormous effort to restructure everything to make that even possible. I'm also pretty sure there's a huge performance hit to iterate through all items twice to render two separate areas like this - especially when you have a lot of tree items. On another note, it doesn't really seem to follow common design patterns. I'm afraid a UI like this will confuse the majority of users instead of being helpful.

What about a layout like this?


Well, I'm not a fan of this to be honest. The search result shouldn't show any items you didn't search for. Right now those filters are always applied using an AND operator. I guess, what we need in this case is some sort of query language support. Something where you can type or configure:

"server100" OR "Favorite=true".

In the dashboard you can already build filters like this but in the navigation tree it's not possible at the moment. Maybe we can add support for something like this.

OK, understand. Thank you for taking the time to consider my request!


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