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Freely bind shortcuts to certain key sequence task


 I have exactly the same request but for Royal TS on windows:
Tan Jiang:
When using ssh, some key sequence task will be execute frequently. For example, input sudo passwd. In contrast to using shortcus to execute, using the mouse to execute key sequence tasks which are in navigation panel is much more cumbersome. 

So I think Royal ts should allow users to customize shortcuts for key sequence task. What do you think?

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Agree on this - Hotkeys/Shortcuts to execute KEysequence tasks would be awesome 

Is this feature already implemented ? I was looking for it, couldn't find it, but I thought I might have seen something in one of the patch notes... 

Hi Tom!

Yes, this is implemented. Check out the following help topic:

Especially the Context Commands section.

Note that the document containing the task must be loaded in order to make this work.

Let me know if this helps.


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