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Duplicate Add-Hoc and external window

I like being able to undock the windows and create new split windows based on those external windows. It gives me the ability to have a group of windows split in such a way it does not interfere with say needed a full screen or 1/2 screen RDP sesson. This works great. 

There is one minor thing I feel that would greatly enhance (aka annoy me less, LOL). When I have an external window and I select a tab and choose to duplicate it, it puts it on the main Royal TS Windows (the one with navigation, etc, the parent) then I have to move it to my external window. It would be nice if duplicating the connection would use the window of the connection you are duplicating.

On a "my dream" enhancement implementation:

On the same note but different approach, it would be nice to have something like a tab group where a Tab becomes a Tab group. Selecting the Tab in Royal TS would be able to dispaly a grouping that may have a 4 connection layout (2 horizontal, 2 verticle like a 4 pane window). Selecting another parent tab/tab group would show another configured layout. Basically just looking for more flexibility to be able to group different window layouts in the main Royal TS window rather than having to externalize/undock to accomplish the same. This is just an idea of mine that would be nice to have (for me), not sure if anyone else feels it could be useful or not.

Thanks for your consideration of either option. I love what you have done with Royal TS and I love using it (I even bought personal license).

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Hi Michael,

thanks for the feedback. I will see what I can do to improve the duplicate ad hoc feature in that regard.

Your "dream" enhancement is much more complicated. Not sure if and when we can provide something like this.


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