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Key Sequence Task ask for parameters at runtime

We are using Powershell commands to manage our Exchange Server. It would be great to enter custom values for a parameter used in a key sequence task during runtime.

e.g. If i run a task, a window pops up, asking me to fill in Variable "mailboxname" and send this as whole command to the current session.

Same for the Powershell connection.

Am i missing something? Is this feature already there or any kind of workaround?


thanks for the feedback. Right now, there's no such feature in Royal TS. I will put this on my list and will investigate if we can implement something in the next major release.


Hi Stefan,

This would be really useful for me as well. 

I have a long list of switch ports I need to change VLAN for. 

I have a key sequence to perform the command but currently i have to edit the custom field to change the port before running the sequence.

Its a bit painful.

Thanks for considering it.

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