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Key Sequence Task ask for parameters at runtime

We are using Powershell commands to manage our Exchange Server. It would be great to enter custom values for a parameter used in a key sequence task during runtime.

e.g. If i run a task, a window pops up, asking me to fill in Variable "mailboxname" and send this as whole command to the current session.

Same for the Powershell connection.

Am i missing something? Is this feature already there or any kind of workaround?

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thanks for the feedback. Right now, there's no such feature in Royal TS. I will put this on my list and will investigate if we can implement something in the next major release.


Hi Stefan,

This would be really useful for me as well. 

I have a long list of switch ports I need to change VLAN for. 

I have a key sequence to perform the command but currently i have to edit the custom field to change the port before running the sequence.

Its a bit painful.

Thanks for considering it.

yea any word on this, would be useful to specify a blank variable in the task and since its blank then Royal would ask for you to input the variable.

Hi Jay,

we still haven't had time to implement that feature. This is a bit more difficult and I'm not sure if we can provide something in the 6.1 timeframe.


No problem, I will keep an eye out since I keep getting asked about this! 

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