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Filter in FTP File view

It would be handy if the popup in the file-panel or a CTRL-F keystroke would give an option to filter files, so that you can easily find files / limit the view to that filter.

You kind kind of filter in FTP File View, but it's not as simple as just hitting CTRL-F. To filter right-click on the column you want to filter and then click "Filter Editor..."


Thanks for the feedback! I have implemented the functionality in the next major version (V6).


I would like to add to this that I would also want to filter the files list and I see no option in Royal TSX to do so. If this gets implemented then please also include Royal TSX to have this as well.

Sccreenshot of the files list I am referring to:



on Windows there's already a "filter panel" which can be shown with CTRL + F. I kindly ask you to create a new feature request in the Royal TSX ideas forum to better track this suggestion/feature request.


Hi Stefan

Created a similar topic in the Royal TSX Ideas forum:

Royal TSX - Filter in FTP File view


Hi Steven,

as posted in your thread on the Royal TSX forum, file transfer connections will have a filter box in the next upcoming update.

best regards,


Thanks Christoph!

Looking forward to this new version!

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