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Option to create AdHoc Connections in current folder / same folder as Context Conenction


we're using several RoyalServers at our customers' sites and we've organized all connections in a tree structure where most connection objects inherit serveral settings from parent folder.

This makes it easier for us to use templates or copy connection objects as we e.g. do not have to set the RoyalServer / Secure Gateway Setting for each connection (because these settings are configured in each 1st level folder).

Unfortunately this means that AdHoc Connections usually do not work, because the AdHoc connections folder of course doesn't have the correct RoyalServer / Secure Gateway configured in every case.

Thats why we'ld be very happy aabout an option to create AdHoc Connections in the same folder as the context connection (when using "Connect using Template") respectively in the currently selected folder. If that was possible, we could use the AdHoc Connections feature, which is currently usually not the case because of many inherited settings.

Thanks in advance for considering this idea!

best regards


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