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Custom properties with Drop-down option

For easier visibility in Custom Properties we use "Inherit from Parent". This is good but we tend to have more and more data from Parent that will always inherits to the folder of course.

I have a suggestion to make drop-downs in Parent that will be inherited BUT when inherited there is drop-downs that you choose to "go live" or not.

Here is an example of how it could look when inherited from parent.


If I say Yes to the first "solution 1" it could look like this:


If I choose to have both drop-down live, it could look like this.


By default drop-down maybe should have Yes as a value

The header should come above the drop-down to make it more visible.

Field name sets as now from Parent.

(43.4 KB)
(36.5 KB)
(32.2 KB)
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Hi Reine,

I'm not sure if we can implement such a complex logic but I like to understand your use case. What are you trying to achieve? Can you provide more details?



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