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Quick way to open connections without using navigator


I'm looking to move over to Royal TS from Devolutions free RDM for several reasons.

But there's one rather major show stopper for me (it's a personal preference to be fair).

Basically, is there's a quick way to open a connection without using the Navigation panel? I know I can use it in autohide mode, but it leaves a small bar on the left which I really hate. Screen space is at a premium.

In RDM, I have a button on the quick access bar that opens a filter dialog. I just click it once and start typing the name of the server and it does a fuzzy search. Pressing up/down selects if there's more than one option, pressing enter opens the selected server and closes the dialog.

In RoyalTS (version 5.2.60207) the only way I can see is to open the Navigation Panel then either visually look for the server or press Ctrl + F to go into the search. But once you type something into the search, you have to press enter to select the server before you can use up/down arrows. Then you have to press enter again to open the connection.

If you have auto-hide, it then hides the panel but leaves the little bar on the left.

I tried to put the launch navigation panel button to the quick access tool bar and this does launch the navigation panel, but it doesn't focus the search field. Then after opening the connection, it doesn't close the navigation panel.

So, assuming I haven't missed anything, here are my suggestions to fix this with some user selectable options:

  1. Option to Focus the Search field when the Navigation panel is opened
  2. When in the search field of the navigation panel, pressing up/down arrows should change the focus of the selected/filtered connections
  3. Option to close or autohide the navigation panel when a connection is opened.

I would definitely be looking to purchase a license if this can be fixed. Especially as you have bitwarden support :)

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