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Auto Document Reload

 When working with a shared document (we are using one through Royal Server), often other users will make additions/changes and no one will know unless they happen to reload the document.  I would suggest that Royal TS could periodically check to see if the document has changed, and reload the document (or merge/save if local changes were made), when the app is idle or not in focus for a bit.  This could be an option.

Alternatively, if a change has been made but the current document in Royal TS is not current, it would be nice to have a noticeable indicator somewhere.  I thought I remembered there being a Save icon at the bottom status bar when that was the case when using a shared file not through Royal Server, but I have not noticed that since having our shared document moved there.  The save icon would be better than nothing, but ideally it would be more attention-grabbing.

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Hi Preston!

Just to let you know, we are working on a massive rewrite on the server and client code and we will take your idea into consideration. I'm sure we find a way to notify users about document changes.


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