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When using "Connect All in Folder" action, allow "Credential Picker" to have option to select one credential to use for all connections

I have a folder of 19 different Windows 10 computers that I need to RDP into but sometimes need to use different set of credentials. I am currently using the "Specify a credential name" setting for the folder root, while the Computer objects under it are using "Use credentials from the parent folder" setting to allow me to select a different credential if need be.

The problem that I am facing is that, after selecting the desired credential I want to use for Computer1, it asks me to select the credential again for the remaining 18 computers. In this case, I would like to have a checkbox preference in the "Credential Picker" dialog that, when checked, would use the credentials I specified for Computer1 to be used for Computer2, Computer3, and so on. Something along the lines of "Use this credential for the remaining connections" that is a checkbox.

When checkbox is checked, Computer1 credentials will be used to connect to Computer2, Computer3... without additional prompting. If unchecked, it should continue to prompt me to select a credential pair for Computer2, Compuer 3... and so on. Is there something like this?

Hi Steven,

I can see the use case and the issue. Unfortunately this is far from trivial to implement in the current architecture. I'm not sure when we will have the resources to do it as we need to work on a couple of things at the same time to make this possible.

Another workaround would be to work with Overrides:


I wonder if this could work if you nest the folder...

assign the top level folder as you have(Specify a credential name), 

the nested folder assign like the nodes(Use credentials from the parent folder),

and then assign the nodes to use from parent.

So the thought would be, start the connection at the top level, it should ask for the creds, which in turn passes those creds to the nested folder, and onto the nodes.  

But, it very well could work just like it is now.  I suppose it comes down to how the recursion and passing of the variables work in RoyalTS. 

I haven't tried it, I don't have the setup ready to go, but it should be an easy test.

Sorry for the late reply. Okay, I will definitely give overrides a try in the meantime. Thanks for the link to its documentation.

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