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Map multiple credentials to RDP connection

It would be nice to be able to map multiple credentials to an RDP connection, and when connecting a dialog appears asking which credential to use.

Hi James,

thanks for the feedback.

There's already a way you can do something like this:

1. Create multiple credentials which have all the same prefix, e.g. "[TEST ENVIRONMENT] - "

2. Use this prefix for multiple credentials and use a different ending. E.g: "[TEST ENVIRONMENT] - Admin" and "[TEST ENVIRONMENT] - User"

3. Configure your connections to "Specify a credential name" and only put the prefix in the name: [TEST ENVIRONMENT]

When you double-click/connect, Royal TS will find multiple credentials with that name and asks you which one to use.

Let me know if this helps.


Hi Stefan,

Thanks for the suggestion.  Unfortunately it's not a perfect solution for my scenario. 

I have one credential which is my user login for multiple servers, and individual admin credentials for each server.  There's no way I can prefix them so that my user credential, plus only the relevant admin credential are returned for each server.



Hi James,

I'm not sure if we can implement something like that in our current architecture. When you assign a credential to a connection you can choose between three different approaches:

- specify username and password (the actual username and password (encrypted) is stored in the connection)

- specify an existing credential (the ID of the credential is stored in the connection)

- specify a credential name (the name is stored in the connection which is useful for the filtering logic or for team sharing)

Assigning additional credentials to a connection is tricky because we kind of need to support all three ways for each additional credential you want to assign to the connection.

I can see three other features which may be helpful:

* Connect with Options -> Prompt for Credentials: this will invoke the credential picker and you can start typing the credential name to filter the list immediately and hit enter to connect using the selected credential

* Connect using Override: You define an override which either always prompts for credentials or uses a specific credential. You can then establish the connection using the override using the configured modifier key setting:

* Connect using Templates: You create one or more templates with different credentials assigned and use the template to specify a different credential

Did you look at these options as well?


The overrides look interesting. How can I make it prompt for credentials as an override?

The options I have in Common - Credentials:

- Do not user any credentials

- Use credentials from parent folder

- Specify username and password

- Use an existing credential

- Specify a credential name

To force a prompt, simply select "Specify a credential name" and put a "?" (without the double quotes) as name.

Let me know if this helps.



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That's working thanks.  I can probably live with that for now.

Glad that's working for you at the moment. Maybe we can provide a better way in the future.


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