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Limit import of credentials

We have setup a shared common connections file that references credentials by name. Each user of the shared common connections file has their own passwords stored in lastpass and then associated with these credential names. there are MANY other credentials in lastpast that are not relevant to Royal TS that are also currently imported making the required password difficult to find.

Possible solutions:

1) Have the lastpass import only import credential names that are already defined in the connections file or that are relevant to existing defined destinations
2) Have the lastpass import only import credential names that have been stored in a user specified folder within lastpass

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Hi Laurie,

thank you for the feedback. I can understand your use case and while we do have basic lastpass support in the Royal TS, we don't have short or midterm plans to implement this functionality.

If you are familiar with scripting, you could write a dynamic folder script which pulls in a subset of your lastpass credentials. Afaik, lastpass doesn't provide an official API but there's a CLI tool from lastpass which could be executed and the output could be used as source for the dynamic folder.

To learn more about dynamic folder, check out our docs and our github repo with lots of samples:


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