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Track local directory across all File Transfer views

If I open a handful of File Transfer views, they all open up to a single location (which I know I can set to a default, using the Overrides feature of the File Transfer plugin). If I navigate to the local directory in one of those SFTP views, the others do not change. I would like the option to change this behaviour, so that changing the local directory in one of those views changes it in all the open views. This would assist me when my use-case is to upload a set of files to multiple computers, or download a set of files from each computer to a common location. My current workaround (at least when uploading), is to copy the files I want to upload to the File Transfer plugin's default local location, but that often means I am left with multiple versions of the same file cluttering up space on my computer. Besides, I am lazy, and wish to save that extra copy step!! (I believe such a setting would be analogous to WinSCP's 'Do not change state when switching sessions' option, if that helps...)
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Thanks for the feedback. This is indeed an interesting feature. I'm not sure how we can make this happen but I will put this on our todo list.



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