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Increase PuTTY scrollback limit to match PuTTY


great program, loving it so far. :-)

I have noticed that in the terminal connection settings, under advanced > input > scrollback the field scrollback lines is limited to a maximum value of 99999 lines.

PuTTY however, allows up to 2147483647 lines of scrollback (2^31-1).

It is quite easy to exceed 100k lines in a terminal session, particularly if push erased text into scrollback is enabled.

Programs like top, less, tail, cat, etc. will chew that up in no time. ;-)

Can you please raise this limit?


Hi Christian,

the next release will allow you to configure up to 2147483647 for putty connections. If you are using rebex, the max will still be 99999 lines.


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Awesome, thanks! That was quick! :-)

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