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PowerShell Script Interpreter should only interpret powershell output sent to the "success" stream (stream 1)

The current implementation of the PowerShell Script Interpreter used with dynamic folders treat output from all PowerShell output streams, as well as any output sent to the host program, the same. Expected behavior when using PowerShell, is that the output you work with, is ouput from the “success” stream (stream 1).

I have included a couple of links where you can read more about PowerShell streams:

The interpreter should only consider output sent to the “success” stream to be part of the JSON data it expects to get back (this would require examples where you send output to “Write-Host” to be rewritten).

Hi Christian,

the way we execute PowerShell is the same way we execute python or any other script interpreter. We are not hosting PowerShell and do not have access to PowerShell specific streams. We do, however, only consider output to the STDOUT to parse the json. The STDERR stream is only used for error handling.

I've seen your other request with the command line parameter support for script interpreters. This will be implemented in one of the next releases.



Thank you for the clarification. Guess we will have to live with that for now, even if I do think having PowerShell as a first class citizen, instead of treating it it like any other script interpreter, would be beneficial to all ;-)

Implementation of the command line param support mentioned in the other request, will solve my immediate problem.

Kind regards,


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