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On start of app connect automatically to several connections (like RDP or SSH)

First of all I would like to say Thanks to your team that your product is just great! I am so happy that I found it someday.


I have a short question which I was unable to find in your knowledge base or google it.

When I start your application, is it possible to connect automatically to some several connections (like RDP or SSH)? Did not found nothing regarding this.

In my scenario I am running some scripts before each of the connection (turning on the VMs) and if these connections are reconnecting after restarting an application - each connection need to wait while the script for previous connection will be finished and connection will be established before starting the second connection.


you can leverage the command line interface to start connections using a batch file or script (assuming you still have the default setting that Royal TS is in "single instance mode"):

I hope this helps.


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Thanks a lot Stefan!

It helped a little bit!! Now it autoconnects to one of my connections.

Now I need to figure how to start with two connections.

I think I will google how to do it with script. Thanks a lot!!

This is quite simple: just create a .cmd file (e.g. connect.cmd) and put the multiple connect commands in that file. Each connect command in one line. Royal TS will then connect to all of them one after the other...

Thanks Stefan!

Your last solution did not worked for me, second connection was established only when I closed royalTS (I mean at first the first line establishes connection and only when I close royalTS then second line establishes connection). I found a workaround to run the script outside of RoyalTS but I still think that ability to start several remote sessions (ssh/rdp/etc) on app startup might be a very useful feature.

Thanks anyway!

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