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Document templates

 It would be useful to be able to define a document as a template, such that other individuals in a team could open this template document and have it where they can't change the template but would be expected to save the document as a new document.  Unique IDs could be generated for the new document.

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Hi Preston,

can you provide more information (like your specific use case)? I'm interested in the challenge you are trying to solve with that feature.


Hi Stefan,

We are using a shared document in Royal Server and there are a handful of credential names we have setup that require individual credentials in personal documents.  We have this documented on a wiki, but we'd like to simplify the setup/onboarding process so that they don't need to manually create these as well as the Royal Server connection and credential.  Currently, I have a "template" document I set up that has the Royal Server connection and credential, along with a handful of credentials we use with the Credential Names in our shared document.  These credentials in the template have the expected name, and example usernames.  What we do now is open the template, and then basically copy things from that into the personal document.  For that, we are using the Move To feature, but when prompted to save the template document we choose not to (I have it marked as read-only so it shouldn't let it anyway).  Then users would save their personal document and edit the usernames and add their passwords to complete the setup.They would then close the template and open the Royal Server document(s).

Ideally, it'd be nice to have something like an import or copy from a "template" where it would make a copy directly into the chosen document (personal document in our case), and it would automatically update the IDs and not try to save the template.  It would just make the onboarding process a little simpler.


Hi Preston,

I think the best approach for this is to use our PowerShell scripting API:

With that you can create documents with the exact structure you need by script. You could even prompt for the credentials and let the script create the document ready to use.

Let me know if this helps.



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