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Reload All documents

I open multiple documents and sometimes people on my team make changes to multiple documents at a time and we have to reload them to see the changes. It would be nice to have a "reload all documents" option instead of having to reload each document. 

Is this a possibility?

Maybe right click on a document and have under the current reload document a reload all documents option if multiple documents are opened. 

That would be awesome!!

Keep up the great work!


if your documents are configured to merge on save, you could simply click on the Save all button to merge and save all opened docs.

Would that work for you?



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wow I didn't even think about that LMAO!! yeah that will work thanks..

*goes and hits face on wall for feeling stupid*

It can be confusing at times when you realize that a save and merge will also pull in changes from other users ;)

Glad I could help!

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