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Hyper-V VM Comment

Each Hyper-V VM has a name and a description aswell.

Sice we use the Description Field to display what is the purpose of a VM,

I need to open first the normal Hyper-V Manager, check the correct vm before

I can use Royal TS to connect to it.

Hi Patrik,

can you please open a support ticket here with the two screenshots:

Please also include the Hyper-V server version you are using so that we can try to reproduce the error on our side.

Thank you,


Yes, I was meaning exactly tis notes, I did not know about this part there.

Unfortunatly it throws an error when I try it, In both WMI and CIM Mode.

(912 KB)
(401 KB)

Hi Patrik,

are you referring to the "Notes"? To be sure, can you post a screenshot?

Also, when you show the Details Panel, you will see the content of the Notes:

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