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Better layout management for high res displays

As per support email:

"I run 4k monitors, and so I like to take advantage of the View > Layout functionality, but the way it actually behaves makes it almost unusable.

Rather than having to specifically open 4 connections (no more and no less) before selecting “2 row & 2 columns”, would it not be possible to select that layout and then move the connections around within that structure?
Currently if I happen to have 5 windows open, you get an error that “The number of open connections and the number of cells in the layout is different” and then it just makes a mess.
Also, if I happen to have a 4-connection layout open and accidentally close too many connections, the whole layout changes to adjust to the new number of connections (thereby making a mess again)."

"We are using a 3rd party UI framework which provides some ways to tweak the docking framework. Creating the groups upfront doesn't seem to be possible. What I can imagine is a dialog upfront (in case the number of connections doesn't match the rows * cols) where you can select which connections should be used for the layout and the rest will just stay in the first group or moved to a dedicated external group."

This seems like a decent solution until something more permanent can be set up.

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