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Include IP address as a field on connection objects


- Rename Computer Name to DNS Name

- Include an extra field called IP Address

Default behaviour would be to connect using computer name

If that fails, use IP address

Alternatively, name the fields in a more generic fashion, such as

"Primary Computer Name / IP Address"

"Secondary Computer Name / IP Address"

On Ad-Hoc connections, allow to use IP address first.

Use Case:

Our shared document is based on a dynamic folder, generated from our inventory. This inventory includes all information that I need about the servers, including dns name, IP address and domain membership (which sets the credential name, matching names in a per user KeePass file)

I am working on a server, fixing its DNS registration or I am joining / rejoining a computer to the domain or in some other ways manipulating with the DNS record, which means that the default connection method would not work.

Temporarily I want to connect using IP address

Currently a clunky workaround would be to have two dynamic folders, one based on DNS names and one on IP addresses, but this is more confusing than practical.

The IP Address could supposedly also be put in another field and a custom task created to connect using that field. Again not entirely intuitive.

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 I have another use case:

Usually i use IP Addresses in the Computer Name Fields, cause i am moving through different networks at different locations and do not rely on Name resolving.

Now i more often use templates for connecting f.e Powershell Remote or Websites.

These connections only work with full DNS names and fail with IP Addresses...

So it would be nice to have two fields...

best regards

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