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Support X2Go Protocol

Please consider adding support for the X2Go protocol so I can connect to my Linux terminal servers without having to use RDP.

There is existing Open Source code available for Windows and Mac, it shouldn't be too hard to integrate.

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Hi Ben,

thanks for the feedback.

Looking at X2Go, I see two problems which prevents us from integrating the protocol into Royal TS:

1. The license seems to be GPL, which would mean that when we implement it directly into our product we also must open source our product. I can see that they offer other licenses upon request, so maybe there's a solution for this one.

2. The much bigger problem is the lack of a .NET SDK - at least I wasn't able to find one.

There may be a solution after all:

Royal TS for Windows allows you to include external applications as well:

Maybe you can just create external application connections for your X2Go connections.


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