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Duplicate "move to" to right mouse key menu

​There's a "Move To" option at "Edit - Sort - Move To" (in the ribbon, right side).

Can devs, please, duplicate this function to right mouse key menu ? It's more obvious...

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In general we try to keep the context menu lean. Large context menus are hard to navigate. Single connections can easily be moved using drag and drop and moving multiple connections also need the selection in the dashboard. If you really need the move to that much, you can also put it in the QAT (quick access toolbar) by right-clicking it on the ribbon. That way, you have it at your finger tips when needed - even when the ribbon is collapsed.

Does that help?

Thats the interesting feature, new for me, but not so comfortable and obvious.

Sometimes i want to move the objects, the long scroll way is not so good idea, menu is the most regular way.

Does one additional item at menu will ruin all the conception?)

It's not really about one single item more or less. If I go and accept all requests in this area, it will be a mess ;)

I know that this request has been submitted several times and our support staff is also asking for this so I guess it makes sense to include this one in the context menu. I will put this on my list...

It makes sense! Thanks )

I just implemented the Move to command in the context menu of the folder dashboard and the navigation panel. This will be available in the next 5.1 beta release.


Ok, Thanks. Will check it.

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