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Wrong connection sorting at ctrl+tab widget


Ctrl+tab and Ctrl+shift+tab can only be used with ssh connections. Thats ok.
So when i press ctrl+tab i see (at widget) the previous connection tab that i use before will be the next i'll switch to. This is wrong. The next tab connection i'll switch to must be the tab next to current. Just like it is at the browsers. Standard behaviour. Change this please.
P.S. If this can be changed by me please let me know where i can change it.

I've implemented an option to change the sort order of the tab switcher widget:

This will be available in the next release.

Thanks for the feedback!

It will be at stable or beta release ?

And what somewhere about the date?

This will be in the next beta. I hope to get one out by tomorrow but I can't really promise it. Depends on how stable it is while testing.

Actually this does not really work reliably. When you move the tabs, the switcher window does not update and still shows the old order.

Hi Manuel,

thanks for reporting the issue. Seems to be a bug in the UI framework we are using. I opened a support ticket there and hope they can soon fix it.


ui framework too buggy

Just to let you all know. The bug with the incorrect sort order has been fixed and will ship with the next minor release.


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