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disable the colorize of the "Navigation" caption

Can i disable the colorize of the "Navigation" caption ? It's looking terrible (version 3 doesn't acts so)

And that's how it was at 3.3

I guess you are referring to the caption color when the panel has the focus. I'm afraid we can't change the behavior. When more panels are visible, it's important to know which panel is "active". This selection state handling is also all done by the 3rd party UI library we are using. I'm afraid that we can't really change the behavior. Version 3 used a different skin/theme and there's a good chance that this was a bug on the vendor side which made the panel look like "inactive" even when it was active.

Sorry I have no better news for you.

Maybe it can be always white?) I mean caption

As I said, the UI library doesn't provide this level of control. You can of course tweak the color scheme in a way that the active caption uses the same color as the inactive caption. But I think you will not be happy with the user experience as it's not possible to know what panel is active. You can try it yourself by setting the Accent Paint Light color to the same color as the Paint color:

Yes, this is not the way i want it. I got you. Thanks

The only thing that confuse me is that we have two active tabs, the current connected tab and navigation if the focus is there.

But we can "auto hide" the navigation tab, maybe thats the way!

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