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Windows Terminal Connection Type

 Microsoft is testing their new windows terminal which supports powershell, bash and cmd all in one. It also supports hardware acceleration for the display. Would be a nice alternative to putty/rebex.

Hi Ryan,

I think that would be great! As far as I know, it's on their roadmap to provide an SDK with the control for 3rd party app developers at some point. Right now, it's a C++ (unmanaged) app which doesn't have a bridge or wrapper to get it into WinForms/WPF/UWP. As soon as this is available we will be happy to look into it.



Hi Nikola,

we looked at those samples already and they are not really an embeddable equivalent of the Terminal app. These are rough samples which demonstrate on how to integrate a pseudo console and hook up console output streams. This is not the same as you see when you start the Terminal app. From what we can see, development of a true embeddable component of the terminal is not really moving forward yet.



I see, so far i've worked around this by launching the terminal as external, however RTS shows a annoying warning  popup that it can't detect the started process, and i have to click ok each time, is there a way to stop that window from showing?


I think you see this because the process you start is not the one you want to embed the main window. Applications with specialized UI (such as tabbed browsers) are difficult to embed because they spin up additional processes and the process you start is not the one which holds the main window handle. If you can figure out which process you need to embed, you can configure the advanced properties of the external application properties to look out for this process instead:

Let me know if this helps


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