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Shortcut for pasting in terminal (rebex)

Apparrently it's currently not possible to paste items in to the terminal, using a normal keyboard shortcut.

This should obviously be possible.

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Rebex use the same shortcuts as other terminal softwares I am familiar with (Putty, secure Crt, etc)…

Control-Insert to copy
Shift-Insert to paste

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Yup, that one works! Awesome.

Guess the next dream is being able to change it then. :)

Thanks for helping out, Ian. I didn't realize that there's a "defacto" standard for these shortcuts. Good to know.

@Tobias: since these commands are already in place, I will "decline" this request for now. Having customizable keyboard shortcuts for various commands is on our roadmap and this would also cover this idea but the truth is, implementing customization on that level is a pretty huge task. I'm not sure when we will have something like this...


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