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Passwordstate Password Integration

Sorry wasn't sure where to put this.

I've created a script to integrated with Passwordstate for password retrieval. (attached)

It requires use of my PasswordState-management powershell module to use. Details here:

Powershell Gallery Link:

Feel free to use/alter as you like.


Hope it helps.


I was bitten by the [unknown credential] issue using the 1Password rdf integration. Either missued it in the docs, or was not aware that specifiying a credential would lose me all those credentials after making the connection to 1Password (though in all fairness to me, the product does list it correctly when selecting it... e.g.

/rootdocument/1Password (Python)/credential_name

Is this still a bug, or are we supposed to use specify credential name? (which, btw, does not list the full path in case of name collisions)


I couldn't say for sure as i've never used 1password but i think it's likely you would.

Hi Andrew,

as the "Use an existing credential" functionality references to the GUID of the credential, can you please try switching to "Specify a credential name", to see if this resolves the issue?

Just make sure, that the credential name in your Royal TS session is unique, for this to work.

I hope this helps!

Best regards,


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