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Dynamic Folder - Additional Properties

Good Morning, 

I am using the VMware Dynamic Folder script, but I am trying to modify it a bit to include VAMI and UI additions. I would like these links to open in external browser. But for some reason I cannot get the pscustomobject to add the additional Properties section to make this work. 

Any help would be appreciated.

Here is what I have so far but doesnt seem to set the option.


            Name = "ui"
            Path = "/"
            ComputerName = "https://$Name$"
	    Color = "#4955E4"
	    Properties = @(
            		OpenLinksInBrowser = "True"


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Hi Charlie,

would you be able to test if configuring


OpenLinksInBrowser = $true

resolves the issue for you?

In case it does not, can you please create a new support ticket via the following link and attach your Dynamic Folder script to the ticket, so we can look into this:

Please remove all sensitive information beforehand.

Best regards,


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