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vstx:// launcher for pre-created hosts in RoyalTS


I'm trying to set up a protocol handler for pre-created hosts. We have a shared document with a bunch of servers in them.

I'd like to link to them like this:


When we try this, it opens the ad-hoc form and tries to connect to a host called "NAME-IN-ROYALTS", which fails due to dns issues, obviously.

Is there a way to use the protocol handler to refer to a VM already present in the document/gui?

I understand there isn't such a feature yet, so consider this a feature request. Would greatly help us in implementing simple RDP-connections from our internal tooling!

Hi Mattias,

Update: Sorry, didn't notice this was posted in the Royal TS (for Windows) forum.

unfortunately, launching existing connections via the URL scheme is not supported at the moment.

You can however start existing connections using our AppleScript interface.



Hi Mattias,

check out this chapter in our docs:

You can use the paramter '?using=name' to instruct Royal TS to look for the name provided as URI.


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