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VPN Clients

It would be nice that in future versions VPN clients were natively integrated without using External Application. The external applications often take a lot of time to be set up correctly, and are often poorly managed. Other connection management software like Remote Desktop Manager, integrate plugins that perform these tasks natively.

Some examples of VPN clients:

Endpoint Connect check point





Thank tou

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Can you please keep this steps properly?

Create a POWERSHELL tha creates the Windows VPN nameAdd-VpnConnection -Name "VPN_1" -ServerAddress "VPN" (The name will be VPN_1)
Create a TASK for CONNECTIONCommand: C:\Windows\System32\rasdial.exeARGUMENT: VPN_1 "USER_ID" "PASSWORD" /PHONE:ADDRESSWorking Directory: C:\Windows\System32\rasdial.exe

If you have paid versions, I'm sure the Client support can help you how to do it.

What you probably need is something like this: 

Add-VpnConnection -Name "VPN_1" -ServerAddress "VPN" (The name will be VPN_1)

This can most often be inserted "from behind".

All are paid version. Will you be able to help on this? I'm using 4.8.03043.

I would say, Yes it works if you use "apid versions that often has more functionality then freeware, so Yes "with a twist".

We use Cisco Any Connetc (Version4.901095))

for a lot of clients. When using "free" software I haven't been able to fill the fields with data. We Copy/Past, It works, but it's not the perfect way.

When investigating thus it seems lika it's not possible for a lot of "freeware, but should work when you use a paid version.


you can find more information about command tasks here:

The concept is actually quite simple: a command task can execute arbitrary commands and pass on "tokens" (information from the connection, like credentials, computer name/IP address, etc.) to the command. Most VPN clients can be invoked using command line, so it should be easy to integrate it in your workflow.


I work with multiple clients. Few of then are using CISCO , Zscaler etc... I gone through above article but could not understand. i'm new to Royal TS. Would you please elaborate little more?

I have a solution using Windows VPN.

  • Create a POWERSHELL tha creates the Windows VPN name
  • Add-VpnConnection -Name "VPN_1" -ServerAddress "VPN" (The name will be VPN_1)

  • Create a TASK for CONNECTION
  • Command: C:\Windows\System32\rasdial.exe
  • Working Directory: C:\Windows\System32\rasdial.exe

  • Create a task for DISCONNECT
  • Command: C:\Windows\System32\rasdial.exe
  • Argument: VPN_1 /DISCONNECT
  • Working Directory: C:\Windows\System32\rasdial.exe

Now you have a working WIndows VPN that you can connect to any RDP, Oh..

On Connect / Disconnecttask, tick in, "Wati for connect / disconnect task completion"

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Thanks for the feedback. You can use command tasks to automatically establish/disconnect VPNs. Right now you need to specify the command line of your VPN client but we will see if we can provide a more user friendly way to configure VPNs.


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