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Wanted: Keyboard Shortcut to leave RDP session

I'd like to suggest a better keyboard shortcut handling for Windows Keys and "acceleration keys" inside RDP sessions. My suggestion: a sub option to “Windows Keys Passthrough” -- “In full screen only” (possibly also in “extern” window mode).

Frequently used keyboard input like <ALT + TAB> could then be used inside the RDP session “on demand” – just by switching between full screen and embedded window 

Please see the attached mail conversation,

Thanks & regards,


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Hi Sven,

I deleted your attachment as it contains your email address and possibly other sensitive information.

Regarding the option to enable Windows Keys Passthrough in full screen mode: I'm afraid this is not possible. The Microsoft RDP ActiveX control is in some ways different than mstsc.exe and unfortunately the ActiveX does not have this option. It's also not possible to change this mode while connected.

I'm sorry I have no better news for you.


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