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Open connections in grouped window

Maybe i am not searching properly, but i was looking to find out if there is a way to open connections groupled by default.

To help explain, if i open 3 connections, I can drag one connection outside the application and then drag other applications to that group window.

Now is there a way to do this by default like a folder setting i am missing here i can open all connections as a group?

If this feauture already exists, i would appreciate the correct wording to find information on it.

Open connections in folder as TAB group by default

Hi Shawn,

this functionality is not yet available in Royal TS for Windows. Right now, this can only be achieved manually by dragging out tabs. I'm not sure if we can easily extend our UI/shell to support this feature but I will keep an eye on this feature request to see if more users are interested in this.


One more thing:

We do have an option on the connection in "Window mode":

I'm thinking of extending the "Window Mode Configuration" and add "External Group" item there. When selected you can provide a name for the group.

Upon connect, we can then see if a group with this name already exists and add it there. Otherwise we would create a group window with that name and add it to the newly created window.

Is this what you are looking for?


It sounds correct to what i am looking for if it is extendable.  WHen we were reviewing the tool for possible enterprise licesning this was a big ask by everyone.

Thanks for confirming. I will put it on the list and see if this can be implemented.


Hey Stefan, any update on this feature? It would be super useful if it existed!

Unfortunately not. The UI framework we are using is a bit limiting and not really capable. We are looking into alternatives but this is a massive undertaking and I'm not sure if and when we can do something like this.

Sorry for not having better news for you.


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