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External Drag and Drop support for File transfers

I see DnD support exists internally, but it does not seem to exist or work from external applications.

Examples, draging a file from the desktop to the remote server, or from an IDE to the remote server provides no drag and drop support..

Is this supposed to exist?  If not can we have this possibly looked into adding?

Hi Shawn,

I'm not sure I understand your question. Are you referring to dropping files to remote desktop (RDP) sessions? If so, this is not supported by Microsoft's RDP ActiveX control we use in Royal TS. To transfer files you either need to use the clipboard (if clipboard redirection is enabled) or using the mapped drives (if drive redirection is enabled).


No,  I am not speaking of remote desktop.

What i mean is, if i have an SFTP connection open on Royal TS, I would like the ability to drag a file from the desktop or any other lcation on my local machine to the  SFTP window to upload it, or from the SFTP window to my local machine to download.  Most SFTP apps support this.

I have only been able to get drag and drop suppor tto work beterrn the 2 explorer windows within Royal TS

Ah, I see. Thanks for the clarification. I will move this to the ideas forum.


This would be a nice feature.

WinSCP has this functionality, so we know it can be implemented.

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