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Limit or Isolate Template visibility

Is there an option or plans to add an option to limite Template visibiulity in connections?

By limit, i mean more like assign an allowed set of templates from a folder structure.

For example:  If i have 3 folders with different sets of SSH connections, and 9 templates in 2 different folders,  I would like the first 2 SSH folder connections to only see the first folder of templates, while the last ssh folder can see only the other template folder.

Maybe i missed the option or it does not exist.

Once you have 100's of templates, trying to choose the correct one from a list is very un manageable.

I know oyu can create new documents to give them a seperator but it still is too much to handle with large template sets.

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Hi Shawn,

this capability is not available. I've moved your question to the ideas forum as a feature request. I will see if we can find a solution to control which templates are displayed depending on the folder or connection.


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