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Command Tasks - use plugin as command task


This is for both Royal TX and TSX.

I would like to add a plugin-command to be used as a command task for a connection.

For example, I have a server with admin-gui on a web-page, I would like to have a command task for terminal/SSH access. Or If have a RDP-connection, I would like to have a command-task to do a powershell-command.

If I add for example Putty or SSH/terminal  as a command task, it will open as a separate application. I would like to see it opened inside RoyalTS/TSX.

For several server-connection I have to add 2-4 separate connections, it would be nice to have one "master" connection with the "extra" connections as command task.

My apologies if this is already solvable, and please point me to the doc were it is described.



Hi Bjorn-Kare,

I think you are looking for the templates feature:

Let me know if this helps.


Hi Stefan,

Templates does exactly as I want and need.

Thank you



You're welcome! Glad I could help.

how did you set up that template to do what you needed from the question above. i'm looking for a similar things with ssh to a mac/linux.

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